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Hi Mama,

For the past 2 years on the 4th of July, I've been going on this samba party boat. It's a boat that a few people get on to drink, drum and dance and watch the fireworks from the bay. This will be my third year going so you know I like it.

It usually starts at around 3pm on the marina with a picnic. I didn't quite make the picnic cuz Lisa (seen above) was late. According to her, she was late coming back from surfing. Hehe, sure. I think she just spent a lot of time trying to get pretty for me. She did a good job (she did look great), but I'd of rather
ate chicken and drank beer.

The above is a pic off me and Lisa on the way to the boat. That paper is a flyer for the thing. I didn't mean to cover my face like that. I gotta work on that.