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Hi Mama,

I felt pretty beat up from yesterday on the Samba Boat. I mangled my knuckles pretty good from playing those drums. My shins are all bruised, too from jumping around with the drum strapped to me with out shin pads. You never feel the abuse you do to your body til the day after, hehee.

But being the true trooper that I am, I accept an invite to have a beer or two with my buddy, Matt (MMZ>Wire), this guy I used to work with and who is also in my gaming clan, hence that MMZ thing I put by his name. Matt just got back from a trip to Nepal, Tibet and Cambodia.

We decided to meet at Murio's, this bar on Haight street that's a block away from my house. Actually, I kinda strongly suggested that we go there cuz I was feeling to lazy to go farther than a block to drink.

On my way there, I saw my roomy, Lisa coming home from work. She said she was going to join us, but the loser flaked. That's us above. I take pics of my roomies cuz I almost never see em.