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Hi Mama,

It's time once again for our big Monkeys, Midgets & Zombies (MMZ) party!!! MMZ is that geeky thing I told you about with the strangers I met online playing games where we shoot and kill eachother. We have these big parties where we don't play games and people from all over the country come to visit. We call it "Think Analog". This is our third one, so we call it TA3. Geeks like to abbreviate things, mama, lol <-- that's geek for "laugh out loud".

TA3 doesn't officially start until this Friday, but MMZ>Magius9 (I forget his real name) came in early today so here's me and MMZ>Hobo waiting for him at the airport.

Clever Hobo printed out Mag's pic to help us recognize him cuz you see, mama, white people all look alike to us.